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Walking on Ice

January 24, 2013

Walking on Ice

I’m from Arizona, so seeing ice around my school, Anderson University, is a new and exciting experience for me. Last week, as we were walking from class, my friends and I decided to walk on the ice. And I lived to write about it.

The picture above was right after our little adventure. Fortunately, I didn’t have to dive onto the tree for safety or find myself in 3 inches of freezing cold water. Granted, I didn’t walk across an entire lake, but walking across a patch of frozen ice for the first time was pretty exciting.

The interesting thing about our adventure is that it took us forever to finally take the risk and walk across the ice. Why? Was it the thought of getting our shoes and socks wet? Probably not, we were only a few feet from a warm shower in our dorm anyway.

It was the fear of the unknown. We would rather walk around something that is unknown, then to take the risk. Thankfully, we took the risk and the feeling was incredible. 

Do you ever feel like God is asking you to walk out onto the ice? That’s how I feel when it comes to blogging. I know it’s something I should do, but I look down at the “ice” and it’s downright frightening. But guess what? I finally did it. I wrote a blog and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. 

How often do we let our fears hold us back from trying something new and unknown? When it comes to work, school, relationships, jobs, or just life, I want to encourage you to walk out onto the ice. Sometimes the ice may crack under the weight of what you are carrying and many times you will just have to trust God.

My goal for this week is to explore all the “ice” in my life. This week, I plan to explore new friendships, continue in my Spanish class even though it’s difficult, and maybe, instead of being bothered by the freezing temperatures, I’ll take a brief moment to enjoy the cool, crisp air.

What about you? What have you always wanted to do, but never tried? Who have you always wanted to reconnect with but never thought you could? Or maybe you just want to make an impact on the world but don’t know if your idea is good enough. (It is, trust me.)

I hope as you walk through this week, you won’t look down at the ice but rather the other side of the ice. Look towards whatever goal you have instead of the path you have to take to get there.

In the end, take a risk, take a chance, and walk on the ice. Unless it’s actual ice, then use caution. These Arizona guys weren’t so lucky…

Question: What “ice” do you plan to cross this week? Please leave a comment below.

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