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Not an Ideal Idea

February 1, 2013

Not an Ideal Idea

Have you ever had a great idea? An idea that if it worked perfectly would sky rocket you to the top of your career? How about an idea that would make you extremely successful? Well, unless you were the inventor of Facebook, you probably haven't had a near "perfect" idea in awhile.

I was just thinking about this as I sit here in my dorm room reading my Entrepreneur Magazine and thinking about how Mark Zuckerburg started Facebook in his college dorm room. Naturally, if I'm anything like Zuckerburg, or any of the other college-aged inventors, I should be dreaming some amazing ideas and be drawing them, feverishly, all over my dorm room walls.

I literally found myself doing this one night last semester. No, I wasn't drawing all over my walls, but I was brainstorming some pretty entertaining ideas. I was looking into franchise chains that could help secure a good nest egg for me. One problem, I don't have the minimum required $100k to start a decent franchise.

Then I thought, maybe I'll just create something. How about hot sauce? I mean, who doesn't love hot sauce? Oh, but one problem, I don't have a pepper garden in my dorm room and I know nothing about cooking or chemistry.

Next, I found myself searching the Internet for anything that could help me spark the next brilliant idea...nothing there either. I finally found myself at the end of the night laughing at the rabbit trail I went on for a whole evening.

In the end, no, I won't be launching the next social media platform to overtake Facebook. I won't be making million-dollar hot sauce and I won't be opening a fast food restaurant near you any time soon. What I will be doing is realizing that ideas can be great, big or small.

Why do we have so much trouble pursuing our ideas and dreams? Is it because we feel our ideas aren't ideal? Referring back to my blog post about walking on ice, you never know if something can work unless you try.

The truth is, an idea is an idea. That's a pretty simple truth; but it's true. Whether your idea is to start the next great social media platform of the century or to simply spend an extra 5 minutes in the Bible each day, my encouragement to you is to do it.

Pursue your ideas and dreams, big or small. I found it's okay to spend a free night dreaming up crazy ideas. You never know when one of those small, crazy ideas will have huge potential. So go for it.

Anyone want some hot sauce?

Have you ever had an idea you didn't think was ideal, but turned out to be successful? Please leave a comment below. 

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